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First a little background.
78 CJ7 304/ TH400/ Dana 300/ Scout 44's with chromo axles and 5.13 ratio. rear spool front detroit. Now on to the next phase. My plans are as follows.

Getting ready to start gathering parts. Thought I would get some input.

BTF wheelbase stretch kit
Stock new XJ springs SOA
Comp cut rear quarters
Traction bar of some sort. What's a good one :confused:
Switch over to propane with 2 clear forklift tanks behind the rear seat.
At this time I will also replace all of the frame from the crossmember back as it is rusted out and severly bent after the last outing.

Use stock YJ springs SOA
Full high steer is already done.

What kind and length of shocks should I be looking at with this setup

I am definitely open to suggestion on any of the above.

Prolly go with a 37" tire and not hammer it with the front wheels turned:nuke:

It presently has a spring under RE 4.5" lift I will be removing. Hope to gain significant suspension travel:smokin:
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