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Here is some miscellaneous suspension and steering parts someone may want. All of this came off a ’78 CJ-7 with narrow track axles.

1. Power steering pitman arm – straight w/ no drop, $5.
2. Power steering pitman arm – with a 3” drop, $10 (possibly sold)
3. 2ea, Doetsch Tech DT3000s, part number 3195. Less than 9 months old, probably 3000 miles on them. A couple of dings, but very serviceable, $5ea.
4. Short shock towers for narrow track CJ. Grinded off nicely, reusable, $5 for both.
5. 2ea, tie-rod assembly – steering knuckle to steering knuckle, one is 9 months old with 3000 miles on it and has nice bushings, the other one is old and better off as a spare, $15 for the new one and $5 for the old one. (1 possibly sold)

All the above parts should ship easily and expenses are the buyer’s responsibility. If you want pictures, please let me know and emailing me is the best for quick response.

Thanks for looking.

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