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Howdy all!

In the market for a softtop and was pretty convience that Kayline was the one for my baby, but lately digging on this forum I've run across some postings of Eshan's softtops. For you fellas with this top, how is is working out for you? How's it compared to others?

Any other tops to consider?

Thanks for any insite!

Yo Han
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I have had Bestops, Kaylines and Eshans. I even had a Kayline factory softop replacement for a while. Eshan or any OEM top is 100000% better then even the best aftm. My Kayline OEM top would even seal up better than my hardtop. Eshan has great quality but it can take a while and you are looking @ $1000 by the time you get it. You will also need to paint the bows and frames. Not a bad deal for a great top. A bestop will run around $750 so it is not that much more for the OEM from Eshan.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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