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Howdy all!

In the market for a softtop and was pretty convience that Kayline was the one for my baby, but lately digging on this forum I've run across some postings of Eshan's softtops. For you fellas with this top, how is is working out for you? How's it compared to others?

Any other tops to consider?

Thanks for any insite!

Yo Han
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That's good to know Alan, thanx! I looked at some of his links, but never saw any prices or how to order. How much did run you, if you mind me asking?

Is it just the overall quality, design that makes it better? Is it pretty tight as far as wind and H20? Seen that Ehsan uses tie straps to hold the canvas down...just wondering, if that cause more wind noise than other designs.

Yo Han
Thanks Alan! Think I'm sold, sent him an email, hope to hear from Ehsan. I did see your thread, it looks sweet Alan:D
SOLD!!! to the guy with his 40 in shambles:D

Thanks fellas!
Yo Han
Door options...


What are your thoughts on doors? I have a pair of harddoors that are shot. Just wondering how softdoors are and whether the best route will be harddoor. I don't plan on ever using a hardtop for my 40 rt now.

Saw in one thread that Eshan makes doors, does anyone have a pair? I sent him an email yesterday, but no reply as of yet.

Yo Han
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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