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Lee Power Steering can be seen on the web. They make steering products on a par with PSC and AGR, etc.

Less than 100 miles on the High Performance Steering box and it works really well. It is not tapped (yet) for ram assist but can be easily done.
The box is built with Durango parts, a chromeolly sector shaft, an extra bearing, ported, etc.
This box is a world of difference better than the stock box. Mounts with 3 bolts OR 4 bolts. New it sells for $460 + sales tax = a core trade in is required. For Sale Now $295 no core needed'

Ported and Polished, etc high output highflow steering pump mates well with the Lee Steering Box or any Jeep Box. This was my spare pump. I had sent in for warranty service and they went through it again. Unused since warranty service. Over $300 new+ sales tax + core charge $175

Stock Jeep Steering Box for XJ, YJ, TJ $125, no core exchange.

Dana 44 Tie Rod with Heim Joints. VERY STRONG! Call for Details.

I changed to full hydro and no more street driving.

PLEASE E-mail to [email protected] for fast response. I check e-mail daily and Pirate messges weekly.
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