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Toyota pickup/4Runner solid axles (axles only, no tires, wheels, or springs)

Front: 1985 8" with 5.29 gears and Lock Right locker. Stock inner axle shafts, 27 spline Longfield outers. Trail Gear trunnion bearing eliminator, stock hubs, Land Cruiser rotors, IFS truck calipers, triple drilled pinion flange. Includes high steer arms (can't remember if they are Trail Gear or Marlin Crawler), tie rod, drag link, and pitman arm. Tie rod ends need to be replaced. I have two brand new ones I will include.

Rear: 1988 pickup, four cylinder 8" diff, 5.29 gears, full spool (not welded), stock axles and brakes.

Both axles have weld-on Trail Gear armor. Both have welded drain plugs.

I have miscellaneous seals, felts, etc. that I will include to rebuild leaking driver side knuckle.

$1,000 OBO
Centreville, VA


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