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Well I am doing a 60/70 swap into my 7 and am going to extend the wheelbase while I am at it. I have done a ton of searching and got mixed thoughts so I am hoping someone can help me clear them up.

For the front I am running a shackle reverse and going with some waggy springs up front. This will get me about 2.5 to 3in up front.

For the rears I am not sure which spring to use. I am looking to get in the 105 in. range, so my options:

1. Ford Springs flipped--hear they have bad wrap
2. 52" Chevy Springs--need more info (63" are too long)
3. Durango Springs 10" offset center pin
4. Waggys
5. JC Whitney 7 leaf packs

I am planning on running 42" TSL's with the front fenders removed and the rears cut flat or "comp cut" as some call it. Will these springs clear this or am I going to need to get lift springs?

Any advise is apreciated
Thanks for the help...:beer:

oh yeah the tank will be moved up into the rear.
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