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I'm going to set my buggy on top of some YJ 4" procomp lift springs, because that's what I've got laying around. I built the buggy frame with links in mind, but when I link it'll be tria. 4links f/r with coilovers, and that's just not in the bank account right now. So ...in the mean time, I want a leaf sprung suspension that will flex decently enough for some southeast wheeling.

so...here's my question. They seem a little stiff and a maybe a little tall (20+" to the belly sitting on 35" rollers), so I want to remove a few leaves to bring the height down and soften them up. To get them to this point, i think its going to leave maybe 3 leaves in the rear and 4 or so in the front.

I'd planned on traction bars front and rear with a shackle on the frame end, johnny joints on both sides of the shackle.

Am I still going to trash the springs quickly? It seems like the traction bar would control any of the spring wrap that could be harmful, and impact damage and stuff that leafs experience sometimes wouldn't be prevented just by having more leaves stacked up in the pack....

I could buy some alcan springs or something, but I'm not too keen on spending $500+ on a leaf suspension. If I'm going to dump any money into the leafs, I might as well just not wheel for another year while i save for links:shaking:

specs on the buggy:
104" wb (might push it to 106) tbiv8/465/205 with 410 gears, 40" tires. I'd estimate weight at ~4000lb

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