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<FONT COLOR="yellow">got this of the offroadlist.com list. It was written by Del Albright... :</FONT c>

Del Albright credentials: Outdoor Writer/Photographer. Publication Credits Include: The American Hunter; California Game & Fish Magazine; Fur-Fish-Game Magazine; 4Wheel Drive & SUV Magazine; Fins & Feathers; California Tourism Publications (2001 Official Visitor's Guide) In Gear; Blue Ribbon Magazine; and numerous periodicals.
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you think we're going to be riding, biking, sledding, wheeling, jumping, playing, and otherwise enjoying our public lands in 10 years? Do you hope that the Bush Administration can unravel everything the previous crowd did to motorized recreation and public land access? Are you convinced that we (users) are no longer the target of choice for radical protectionists? If so, then this article might not appeal to you. However, if there's any doubt in your mind about your answer to those questions, then read on.

I suggest to you, first of all, that we motorized users will be under MORE scrutiny than ever before. We will see MORE attempts at closures and restrictions. Now thank goodness we have a new administration that may not approve of much of the past tactics; but don't think all is peachy. I further suggest that radical protectionists will find new strategies and tactics to get public lands closed. They have to. Put yourself in their shoes. No longer will the Administration be cozy with them; so insidious and new underhanded means will have to surface in order for them to make headway. We must be ready for it; and be prepared to short stop it. They won't give up.

On the other hand, more reasonable enviro groups might be ready to compromise with us. Yes, the C word. Compromise. Many of you don't approve of compromise with our opponents because we've been burnt before -- too many times. Well, times change, and negotiations under this administration may require some maneuver room. I suggest that we need to be able to give where we can. This is just one tool we'll have for keeping new enviro tactics from sneaking up on us and ensuring that governmental land managers listen to us. Oh, hey, remember, a new President may not have much affect on your local wildlife biologist (USFS, or BLM) and their attitude.

Next, I say it's more than high time to make SURE our elected officials know where we stand; what we believe in; and how willing we are to help them attain our goals. But at the same time, we need to be heard as a reasonable voice. It boils down to letters! Meetings! Scoping sessions! Adopt-a-Ranger! and you know the drill. Get involved.

Lastly I suggest that now, more than ever, we should beef up our legal defense funds. We need to stay in the courts and ready to file suit (like our opponents) so that our voice can be heard louder when necessary. We must have the backing to do that. We must be willing to play that hand -- if needed. And that takes money. It takes you and me contributing to your favorite organization's Legal Fund. Without money in those funds, we won't have attorneys on tap to help us out EARLY in the process.

Truthfully, I'm very optimistic about our future. And yes, I do believe we will be enjoying our public lands in the future. BUT, I also feel it's going to take all of us doing our part. I've been at this battle for access to public lands for 18 years now, and I have no plans to give up. I will continue to be involved. I beseech you to help the leaders in your organization make a difference. Get involved. Be there. Make something happen!

Del Albright

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