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sonoma county guys

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any of ya'll got a pair of wrangler springs for sell?
any of ya'll planning to hit up cow mountain any time soon? :eek:
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NO and NO. We are going to hit up the Hammers soon though :D

Are you back in town now? I thought you were in Chico studying "beer-bonging" :beer: :D
Tintop said:
YES and YES :D
Back in town till school starts again with my dad's rig. He wants to upgrade to yj's as his 3" nationals have gone flat.

Hammers eh? got any dates set? I'm ready and waiting to go :D
Ahh the Chico life. I miss it. I had so much fun it is a wonder I graduated :D

As far as the Hammers goes, we are looking at mid April sometime. We should have the dates figured out for sure by the middle of next month or so.

Did you get those Toyota axles installed?
Sorry to hear about your accident. You are supposed to climb rocks in your Samurai ;)

You should stop by and see my why you are around. I have a couple spare tie-rods (Sami ones) that I could sleeve for you and I could make your drag link. If I find an FJ-60 steering box, I will make you a deal on my Toyota IFS/hydro-assist setup :D .

I also may have some Sami axles with Detroits F&R, 5.13's, birfield rings, upgraded hub studs, wheel spacers, etc. for sale at a reasonable price. I'll know next week.

PM me if you want to get together.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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