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I'm amazed this very simply constructed device has caused so much of an uproar amoungst all of you. Let me address some of your questions and/or observations.
I made it simple: 2 moving parts, which can be easily adjusted,as far as to how sloppy or firm you want the shift pattern to be, I thought I had made it clear in earlier postings that the twinstick was made completely out of 1/4' plate. If I didn't I apologize for the oversight.
It ain't "chrome" it comes painted a very drab black hammertone, but you can paint it ,plate it,clear it, what ever you deem appropriate.
The concern about sealing the sticks where they enter the T case is VALID, I agree, BUT....first the opening into the case is 1/2" x 1" (a rectangle) the sticks take up 90% of that opening, hey my twinstick offers the breather/vent too.....I didn't even realize it until just now after having just written that last sentence.
As for a boot in the seating area..a wide variety of interior layouts will I hope be having these sticks intalled in them;Toy pickups (reg & extended), Sammys (short & long WB,w/Toy engines, 4.3 GM, 1.6L Zuks, etc.),Sidekicks and GEO Trackers, stock seating, aftermarket seating, dozens of different rollcage designs, you get my point. So area & location of the shifter position will be different in each application.Why should I supply a boot that may not work for your particular application when you can get one at the local junkyard for $1-$5. If this task is to difficult or time consuming for some interested parties, then you indeed should purchase a twinsticck from another vendor. One hr. of my time to save $100+ dollars is worth it. By the way a Saab 900 or Renault Reliant shift boot works well in a variety of situations!!!
I have been using this setup now for 1 year without a problem: mud,rocks,snow,rocks,water,rocks,on my side,rocks,end over end,rocks,and upside down and have yet to be coated with 90w and with no elbow injuies or stabbings perpetuated by the"twinsticks".(SAFETY TIP:WEAR SEAT BELTS AT ALL TIMES)
I hope this has been an informative post to those of you who have had questions. And lastly I think the comments good and
especially bad are great.Keep those cards and letters flying..........I mean cumming......I mean coming. Thanks, Kerry/SOS
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