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spare parts buggy - ideas?

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ok story is we have accumulated a bunch of jeep parts in the yard, and pretty much have enough minus a frame to build a buggy.

im thinkin buy some 2x4x.120 tubing and build a frame loosely to yj dimensions.

we have:

2.5L 4 cyl
d35 rear
d30 front

if we keep it lightweight, what would be a good tire size for this? im thinkin about 34s.

anyone have any tips/ideas/suggestions?

aiming for a kinda shop toy go cart to play with and beat up.

or should i can it and sell the parts?

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I'd sell most of those parts but keep some for the buggy

YOu could go 2.5L/SM465 with CJ bellhousing. And then use any chevy t-case. Or a 2WD SM465 and a divorced t-case. The granny transmissions are cheap and will make up for having to buy ring and pinions for the mean time.

The front axle would be okay for 34s, but that's about it.
replace the 2x4 box with HREW to lighten the load a bit, run some 35s, lincoln lockers, and carry spare d35 shafts and have fun
2.5/465/ 4.7 toy case/ toy axles on 36's:D

that would rock:D

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yeah i was figuring on lincoln lockers.

on a light duty buggy, aint nothin in danger of breakin. (im figuring on <2000lbs)

the idea is to build it from parts we have, i.e. not buy an sm465 though i wouldnt mind having one...
it will be much more than "<2000" by the way....
you think so?

a stock 2002 4 cyl tj weighs ~3100 lbs according to a search of jeep's site

i figure without the body and all, as a one-seater, with a cage, it shouldnt be too much more than 2000 lbs.

My current plans are for a single-seater on CJ NT D30/M20 4.10s welded (maybe used lockrite in the front), 34's, but I'm still waiting on finding a decent motor to decide on the tranny/xfer combo. I figure nobody buys NT CJ axles anyway, and my daughter's going to be needing a rig soon (she's about 5mo old right now ;) ). Already got plenty of spare steering boxes, brake MCs, etc to finish it off.
not a bad idea. but yeah, apparently your axle choice sucks.
why not 2.5 np435 np 205 and dual dana 30s 4 wheel steering..

single seater ..

BJ On Roids said:
not a bad idea. but yeah, apparently your axle choice sucks.
yeah, apparently you missed the point of the thread.

this is crap we have laying around, net cost to us: $0

not tryin to build a comp buggy or anything, just a 4wd go-kart to play around with.

think "junkyard wars"

and payton: :flipoff2: unless you are buyin me teh parts!
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