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Here is what all of you folks have been asking for
specs as follows:

Shaffer's Offroad Diablo chassis
Old school Terra 60 front
CTM 300m front axle shafts and u-joints
Terra CRD 60 rear
Short Star 3.7 liter V6
Atlas 3.8
Allied Beadlocks
Bilstein Rock Crawler Coilovers
BFG 39.5 Krawlers
Ramsey 6000 lb winch
Rock Equipment winch rope and aluminum flairlead
Howe full hydraulic steering
Jason Paule TJ hood and grill
Oddesy battery
High Angle Drive Line shafts with 1410 u-joints

If you look at the below pictures you will see the rig is sitting on scales, it weights in at just over 2300 lbs.
Right to left weight is within one pound
56% front weight

We estimate we have ~300 lbs to install on the rig
this should bring the total weight to ~2700 lbs, this is 150 lbs less than last years rig

Should be done for testing this weekend - if all goes well

first test is to lay the rig over on it's side and then have Lance put back to all 4s by himself....

pictures follow...

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Mike, that thing is looking great. I can't wait to see it at RCAA or should I say compete against it. We'll see you there, good luck.

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Daniel said:
uuuuu I spy 8 cylinders and #2700 Pounds!!!:eek:

Whats a Short Star? What did that come out of?
6 cylinder northstar motor...
Variable timind DOH cams..
Very cool.

You changed your response..

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Oh yeah....I like! Questions...have lots of questions...

-Front suspension? Cradle 4-link?
-Is the crossover exhaust pipe behind the motor stock?
-Where is the starter on a shortstar?
-mostly 1.5" tube?
-Most of the pics are on the bumpstops, max lowerered height correct?

Very similar to what I am trying to booty fab together. I am shooting for portals and a northstar though.

Keep posting pics!
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