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Spy pics of Curtis

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Here's some pics of what Curtis is doing to his "Scout" :flipoff2: :flipoff2:


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tsm1mt said:
Dang, Curtis! What a shame.

OTOH, you just did every Jeeper one better.

Usually they start with a Jeep and swap all of the Scout parts into the Jeep.

You just did it the easy way - just slap a Jeep tub on the Scout!


I would've donated two or three SCOUT tubs to the cause.. if you lived closer. ;)
Believe me Tom, I tried to talk the wife into a trip up that way to pick one of your's up from ya, but she just wouldn't go for it :( Thanks though.
500 HORS said:
that motor looks to be waaayyyy back, will the 60 be enough to keep the front wheels on the ground, or are you relying on IH frame, lead filled bumper, and water filled tires?
Yeah it looks kinda far back, but when you add the water pump, fan, radiator and then the winch, I'm gonna be struggling to make everything fit. Believe it or not, that's exactly where the v6 sat and it was tight under the hood, but then I did run two radiators then. So, everything should just fit nicely :D

Rusted, yeah, my political opinions are just like my rig. Pieces and parts of everything I like thrown together :D
waterdog said:
Hey curtis, Did you get the 44's today?

I haven't seen the kid. I think he is going to bail on me. I'll catch him again and see if he'll trade for your 38's and you and I can trade the 39's for the 44's.

I just wish he'd atleast let me know one way or another.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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