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SSR tires, Rockstomper & AR wheels

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SSR tires, Rockstomper beadlocks


(2) - Swamper SSR 35x12.50x15" tires at 75% or greater tread (measures approximately 7/16-1/2" tread) remaining, mounted on (2) - Rockstomper beadlocks 15x10" beadlock rims, 8 lug pattern, 3" backspacing. Asking $400, will consider any reasonable offers. I can provide pictures at your request.

I had a local buyer that backed out, tried ebay, retried ebay. 1st serious offer takes them. I'd prefer not to separate.

Questions, email me at [email protected]

This is all located in the central Ohio. Shipping via fed ex or ups ground, unless you can provide a better shipper.


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soulfly said:
still have the 767's? define "some" rock rash. I may be interested
Most of the rims are scratched(and rusted) on the outside edge of the bead area, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a wire brush and a can of black paint. Couple small bends/dings, but the still hold the bead very well.

I'll get back to you Monday about the rims, as I've got a local guy that's interested in buying all my junk. I need to verify his desire to have them.

Thanks for the interest.

BTT, revised listing.
Let me ponder a couple days, I'd really like to sell them as a set with the rims because the tires are a real bear to mount & dismount on the rims, so I don't want to damage the tire bead.


BTW, I'm also in Columbus.

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