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Stage 8 Locking Bolt Kits for Dana 60 and GM Corp-14 bolt and X-Lock Spindle Nut Kit

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Just letting everyone know about Stage 8's 2 new off road products and about their existing products as well.

- 2 new Off-Road products -
They are locking bolt kits for the Dana 60 and GM Corp 14-bolt axle/flanges
Off Road Axle/Flange Kits - Stage 8

Off Road Locking Fasteners - Stage 8 - Ultra4Jones is headed to King of the Hammers this week and he uses our X-Lock spindle nut kit, so if you have any questions, he'll be there. Also Off-Road Assassin will be there and he's doing installs with all 3 of these products, look for Steven O. at KOH.

We also have Ford 9" Ring Gear locking bolt sets which Ultra4Jones had hoped we had, and we did, so in case anyone else needs this, it exists!
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