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well tellico kick my ass hardcore this weekend first flip it on 2 and f-ed up my windshield, windshield frame, and my roof pretty bad along with the back half, now I know need a cage then the next day I was at crawfords on the rock garden w/ 2 boulders left and I lost my steering so after figuring out that my steering box ripped off the frame i had to rachet strap it on to the frame and get some on to winch me side ways, yes I have frame braces and it didnt crack the frame even it broke one bolt off, broke the steering box by on bolt and ripped the other two straight through the frame so now I have a lot of choices to make to the body, cage, and then steering 1st body then steering and keep in mind money is tight

1st- leave the body alone, but the windshield got popped out of the windshield frame b/c its the frame is bent to hell and put in roll cage, and I hate the way it looks

2nd take it to the bodyshop see what he can do, (i know the guy and he can hook me up w/ a good price) then put in cage

3rd try to bend it back in place cut the roof off and and rear fenders and truggy it out

now steering

1st find somebody to weld in a piece of metal to the inside frame rail to fix the holes and get hydro assit, new steering box and hopefully it will fix it

2nd go full hydro steering- sell my crossover to help pay for it, and its a trail only rig, and I would have to take it some were to get install for I cant weld

Or buy a beater truck and start all over

what do you guys think, like I said money is tight so help me out and if you have any other suggestions let me know

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1: Cut the Top off (makes it easier to put a cage in)
2: Put Cage in
3: Sell the crossover and go full hydro

3 Step program to wheeling without worrying about things ;) Next time you go out, you have a stack less stuff to fret about and you can enjoy the rocks :D
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