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I need a little help here.

About a month ago, my 97 RAM 2500 4x4 started making a 'clunking' noise every time I corner.. So last week I jacked her up and checked things out. Found some worn ball joints, bad shock busings, and some brake issues.

So last weeknd I replaced all 4 balls joints, the front shocks, and the front brake pads and rotors.

While the front end is ALOT tighter (for a pickup), the clunk remains. The tie rod ends are tight, and there is no visble movement in the track bar.

Im thinking sway bar links, or the track bar. its not the usual rattle you get with a bad sway bar link. So I'm leaning towards the track bar... What is the proper test procedure? (perhaps I was doing it wrong??)

Whats interesting I can only hear the cluck when cornering at low speeds (< 30 mph). Its seems to happen when the vehicle weight shifts. Which is why I am leaning towards the track bar.

However if I turn at higher speeds, forcing the weight to shift, I dont hear it. Maybe I cant because of road noise, but it is pretty loud, and I *think* I would be able to hear it.

thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone else run into this?
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