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TyziskBen said:
I have a suspecting feeling it's the steering pump because I just replaced the box maybe 6 months ago, and the fluid level is always full, i make sure of that. When I turn the wheel, it feels like its hard to turn only some of the time, usually when it's cold out, and I drive it the next morning, which I think may be a sign that the pump is almost dead, or on its way out.

The other thing I was curious about was that I read somewhere that when you put bigger tires on the car, like the 265/75/16's I have on there now, you have to change something--bump stops, steering stops???
Anybody else heard this???

Thanks for the reply's,


Sounds like you need to bleed it again. Mine was the same after a box change and it took several bleedings to get it smooth.

:D :D
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