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All hi steer kits I've seen only allow you to move the front axle forward about 3" before the tie rod and draglink hit each other (unless you ninja-fab the steering box farther forward into the body mount). Standard crossover lets you go as far as you want. Mine is 4" forward and not even close to having problems.

As far as junkyard fixes, I built my crossover for $160 plus the box. Have a custom arm welded up for the passenger knuckle: $100 (can buy these for $200 from allpro). Have pitman arm balljoint reworked to accept the male TRE of the draglink $50...even better just use part of the IFS draglink when building your own. Sleeved stock tie rod, $10 for tubing...I used some black gas pipe, fit perfectly. Shortened and sleeved another stock tierod for a draglink.

Here's the custom arm:

Tie rod and draglink:

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