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The stock steering is push-pull, similar to what was used on solid axle Chevy trucks. The drag link runs forward and back, parallel to the frame rail. A dropped drag link will account for LIFT, but when the rig flexes the distance between the frame (steering box) and axle (steering arm) is increased or decreased, and since the drag link is a fixed length the wheels will turn.

Push pull steering box:

With crossover steering, the drag link goes to the passenger side knuckle. Now it is operating on the same plane as the axle, so it is not as susceptible to axle movement causing bump steer. Crossover results in a much longer drag link also, which results in a shallower steering angle.

IFS/Crossover steering box:

You "could" make your own crossover steering, but by the time you buy tie rod ends and jam nuts, build the drag link and tie rod, and mill steering arms, you would be money ahead to just buy the steering from an aftermarket vendor like All-Pro or Marlin Crawler. Not sure how big of a hurry you are in, but All-Pro's steering seems to go on sale from time to time if you can wait.
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