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I don't even know what the pump looks like.

I did have to modify the heck out of my brackets to get the alt to work with the eddy heads, but I had everything there to look at to figure it out.

I'd look real hard at what I have and how it needs to go on, then take a trip to the JY, and look at everything !!! You may find something that will work, or be very close.

I have snagged parts off just about every make, imports included, to put stuff on my truck. Heck, the p/s cooler I'm using is a nice 8" x 10" x 2" plate/tube tranny cooler off a misutbishi v6 for goodness sake !!

I will say this, to make sure it is lined up correctly, I'd go get some 1/4" wooden dowels and use them as belts to make sure it is lined up when you are designing your mounts.

Make sure you check the top & bottom of the pulleys. You can't always use the face of the pulleys, as the flange there may be thicker, and if it is, it will throw you off (and your belts at higher rpm).

Good Luck !!

I just went thru this with my alt belts, as I put a larger alt on it, and used some mounts off a newer model v6 dodge truck. I had to modify them cuz of the eddy heads once again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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