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I have a bunch of different axles sitting on my property that I need to get rid of. Sorry NO D60 Fronts! I have no idea on gears or lockers, but I know a few have lockers. If you want to know, come look, I will NOT tear into these for you. I will NOT deliver, ship or hold for you. All located in Longmont, CO.

*edit*- I will ship if you pay for it and you set it up.


DRW D70 pass side drop, closed knuckle- $350 obo
2 or 3 FW D44 (all 8 lug and pass side drop)- ur choice $250 obo
1 FW D44 pass side drop 6 lug- $200 obo
8" Toyota-300.00 obo


Few D70s SRW and DRW
few 14 bolts SRW and DRW
few D60s SRW and DRW
A 8" out of 85 Toyota mini truck/4r

ALL REARS with or W/OUT lockers will be sold for $125

HECK, come buy all the axles I have left for an outstanding deal!!!!!!!!
Might even be willing to trade for ????

To set up a time to come look and/or buy:

[email protected]
PM me

Thanks for looking!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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