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Some one took my 4runner From Everett Washington Saturday night Oct 20
Please keep a look out

White 86 4runner
Solid Axle Swap
Allpro High steer
Around 6in of lift
35 BFG Muddies
2" Bushwacker fender flairs
Smittybuilt Bumpers front and rear
NEW! skyjacker softrides springs in the rear and 2in blocks
No shocks in rear end
Skyjacker Nitros in the front
Front bumper is winch type but has 2 lights mounted on diamondplate where winch would go
Its locked up front and rear
Interior is Rhynoliner no carpet
Toyota Climbmeter (you know that thing that tells the angle the rig is at)
Pluse much more, a lot of bleeding knuckles, late nights and weekends.

I dont have any pictures because I just finshed putting this thing together last week!!! THE Springs arnt even broken in y

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Damn bro.....sorry to hear about your loss. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0">

Good luck with a recovery and if you need me to deploy and Navy Seals just let me know and I will see what there schedule looks like!
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