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Stolen at KOH 13

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4 gas cans, 2 yellow 5 gallon motorcycle style, one with brass ball valve one with out, 2 red plastic 6 gallon old school cans with yellow cap and separate breather, one 5 gallon propane bottle. Taken from our pit tent Saturday afternoon.
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Really?!? someone had the balls to steal shit from your pit tent? that's F'd up, sorry to hear
KOH is the local tweekers "End of the rainbow"! Even on off weekends they are out there looking for gas cans, ice chests, propane and anything they can hawk easily. Been going on for years and warnings should be posted before KOH to warn firstimers out there. Sucks because most offroaders are straight up and you'd think things would be cool out there, but...not!
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