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Stolen Race Trailer and gear 4455/Intrepid Off Road

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Our race trailer was stolen in late march from Escondido, CA (San Diego County). We assume that it probably went to Mexico since that's where a lot of things go when stolen from southern California. It's a white 24' v-nose trailer. It had our stickers on it as you can see in the photos. They've been on it a long time, so even if removed, I'm sure you'd still be able to see the lettering. We don't expect to get it back at this point, but if anyone sees it in Mexico, it would be nice to know where it really went. It contained all of our Ultra4 custom specific spare parts, radios, tools, etc. and our race gear including helmets, gloves, hans, firesuits with our Intrepid Off Road/4455 patches. Snap a photo if you see it and let us know here or call us (Andy 858-442-5476). Thanks


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Damn, that blows.

Hope you find something out. I'd suggest a road trip down there, but, you know, Mexico. Best stay home.

As a side note, the car must be a serious kick in the ass to drive.
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