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My truck, a 1983 Toyota 4x4 Longbed (sort of) was stolen, gave the police a call, but they dont really care, cause its not worth enough to assign resources to. I'd be happy if you guys would keep an eye out in the sacramento/carmichael area!!


Liscence Plate is- 3S87412, it was duct-taped onto the back of the truck, since the holes in the plate had fallen off. The truck is a longbed, bobbed to the length of a short bed, the bed is also an 85 SR5 bed with ALL markings on it (The same one King K5 was selling) It was all freshly spraypainted with Rust-oleum Navy Blue, and it turned out pretty sharp, giant chrome side view mirrors that fold down, big black "CONTICO" tool box in the back, both front fenders are mildly rippled, front grill fresh flat black, also had the really good Sylvania H.I. bulbs. 5 ft whippy wilson antenna on the top, red buckets, Alpine Stars moto sticker in the back and a no trail fee sticker on the back (back window), 31" tires (Fun n Mud II), white (dirty/rusted) rims, rear fenders on bed cut extensivily. Truck also had no bumper (which is cool, because it had my "DO ROBBS" bumper sticker on it.) If you look at the truck from the front and focus on the bumper, the truck appears to be grinning to one side.. since the bumper is bent up on the passenger side. Closer inspection will reveal an AFB sticker on the driver side of the bumper (very faded). The back window trim was the only portion which I had not finished painting, it is still rusted and faded. There were no decals on the side of the bed, or anywhere, as they were sanded off. only the Drivers side has the "Toyota 4x4" badge on it, and is the only side with a side running light too. I had JUST finished painting it THAT day...

Thats really all I can come up with... That and the pictures above should give a very accurate description of what she looks like, thanks guys for looking and helping!

Please notify the police and myself (916-204-8325) if you see it anywhere! All I can offer is every cent in my pocket, which isnt a ton, but would be a humble thank you.

This rig had been in my family for 10+ years too, Some of you may have known him, some of you hated him, I know all the pirates SHOULD know him.. unless they're new, but it was Ranger Dans rig. WAS Originally Blue front (hardly!) and a red SR5 bed off an 80 or something.

Original post is at http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=1313962#post1313962
I decided I'd like to see it at a few more forums, because the more I can get this out there, the more likely I can see my baby again!!!!


Dave Dennehey

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