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Stretched JK on tons
Avalanche grey
58,000 miles all freshly rebuilt
Overall wheelbase 109"
Fusion 4x4 custom width 73.5" axles
Elite KP 60 front
Shaved big tube 14 bolt 40 splined
5.38 gears and arb lockers
Front suspension 3 linked 12" king coilovers with compression adjusters and king hydro bump stops
Rear Suspenaion 4 linked 14" king coilover with compression adjusters and king hydro bump stops
Genright frame chop front bumper
Warn 10vr winch
Factor 55 ultra hook
Genright rock sliders
Genright Aluminum front narrow fenders
TNT customs stretch rear corners
Genright full cage
Genright cargo rack
Genright 20 gal fuel cell
Prp custom enduro elite seats with double diamond stitching and heated seats
Spod HD
KN cold air intake
Front and rear 1350 Tom woods shafts
High Beam Offroad rock lights with custom dome lights for interior lighting
spyder auto headlights
Full kicker audio sound system
4 wake speakers & 10" sub all marine grade
custom amp set up
alpine restyle head unit
Baja XL80s and S8 20”
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