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Hey everyone!

I'm looking to buy another suburban for offroading. My last Suburban that I had it was a 94 with with the 350 TBI and 260k on the clock and it still ran strong I loved it! Took it out to to the desert. It was great offroading; never got stuck once and never had to use 4wd. Sadly, I made the worst mistake and I sold it for selfish reasons. :( I'm still kicking myself for selling it. I decided to buy another one but this time I was thinking about going with the 454 because of the massive torque. But I was wondering if it's worth it. Ofcourse, we all know the saying, "No replacement for displacement." Some people told me that it's not really worth getting the 454 since it doesnt have that much hp difference and the MPG. But I don't really care for MPG that much. I don't tow anything either. I also don't like the vortecs because it's more complex I like the tbi more because it's much simpler to fix if you're out in the field. Here's a few pics of the old burb before I sold it.

Sitting on a 4inch ProComp lift with Procomp 35's.

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