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Just a little teaser

The Pirate4x4.com Tellico Task force has been very busy.

We are preparing for the next public comment period by researching many different topics to argue for our rights to access public lands. (This comment period MAY be sometime in October)

In our research, we have found something important: There are MANY reasons Brook Trout populations are low in a lot of areas.

Taken from http://www.easternbrooktrout.net/docs/brookiereportfinal.pdf

"The Southeast mountains have suffered from
poor land use practices over the past several centuries. Largescale
logging, instream log-drives and poor land management
associated with agriculture increased erosion and opened
the shaded streams to the sun. As water quality declined and
brook trout disappeared, rainbow trout and brown trout were
introduced. As forests returned and aquatic habitat improved,
these non-native fish expanded their range and now compete
with brook trout for food and space. Most remaining highquality
trout habitat is occupied by non-native fish. Rainbow
trout are specifically recognized as a threat to brook trout in over
70% of the subwatersheds with brook trout data in these states.
Poor land management continues to contribute to increased
water temperatures, sedimentation and nutrient pollution.
Regional experts specifically identified urbanization, poor land
management and degraded streamside habitat as major threats
to brook trout habitat."

Upper Tellico is just a VERY SMALL piece of the puzzle. I have found another study that proves the number one issue is introduction of non-native fish is the biggest problem. In this study they caught a bunch for Browns and checked thier stomachs. On average the Browns had 2.5 Brookies in thier stomachs. Non Native fish, logging and agriculture are the biggest problems.



In essence, Trout Unlimited thinks we are a bunch of fawkin pussies that will not fight for our access and that we are to dumb to fight back or that we will give up thinking it's all lost.

They attack what they deem the WEAKEST. :mad3:
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