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Your right about easy pickin's...

And even enviro lawyers gotz to make cash. When the judge finished with one of their cases on the coast he ordered the govt to pay all of the enviro attorney fees even though he dismissed the case (although he did tell the park service it needed to fix a lot of stuff), I'm sure its like that in a lot of cases...whats a really experienced 10 year+ lawyer get...$300 hour($250k+/year)...for all the time put into the case, plus pay for associate and staff attorneys($80k+/year), paralegals($50k/year), fund raisers, media people, office assistants, office directors, interns (some paid some not)...heck law firms charge for everything right down to copy paper...and one of the ways they make all that money is by winning cases. The easier the better. The other way is to get people to donate their extra money to a good charity so they can hide form more taxs....alot of people blindly donate money to what ever charity makes them feel a warm and cuddly...like my wife sending money to that girl in india...who cant even score me some new nike shoes or anything...
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