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Suspension Seat Sale

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February 2014 Update

EMPI RaceTrim High Back Jeep/Truck Seats $250 per pair CLEARANCE SALE!"

West Coast Shipping $59 - Mid West Shipping $74 - East Coast Shipping $84

Post your zip in this thread and I'll send you the link


History of this thread and why it's so big (skip all this white text, if you only want the details about seats that I sell): In April of 2009 I entered into an arrangement with EMPI to clear out approx. 1,550 Jeep/Truck style suspension seats. In 2011, we had sold all of these seats as well as many of their buggy suspension seats. The vast majority of these seats have been sold from this thread. Given the success that we have had, I started working on another production run of seats in 2011. This is a run of 150 Black and 100 Grey and Black Jeep/Truck style suspension seats and are currently available. I'm not Mastercraft. I've had inventory issues and expect to have inventory issues in the future. Think of it this way - these deals will come in waves. When I'm sold out, I'm sold out and it will take me some time to get seats back in stock. Buy them while I have them. I work from home (allows me to work on smaller profit margins) and EMPI has offered us an amazing deal here, allowing me to sell them for $285 per pair + shipping. To get the deal, post a request for the link, in this thread.

June 2013 Update:
We are now selling PRP Racing Seats. To get the absolute lowest price possible;
1. Go to PRP Seats - Custom Off Road Racing Seats, pick the seats and options that you want.
2. Post what you're looking for, with a zip code, in this thread.
3. I'll PM the quote to you.

RaceTrim Suspension Seat Blowout
Manufactured by EMPI

August 2012 Update


If you want the link to the Blowout Page, then post in this thread

Due to overwhelming demand, I've ordered another production run of my two most popular seats

First up are the Black Fabric Front / Black Vinyl Back High Back Jeep Suspension Seats.
Second are the Grey Fabric Front / Black Vinyl Back High Back Suspension Seats.

Prices are $285 per pair. That's right PER PAIR.

Here are the Buggy Seats that are CURRENTLY Available:

High Backs $290 per pair:

Wide High Backs $310 per pair:

Wide Head Rest $290 per pair:

Simulated Leather with simulated carbon fiber accents (these look and feel KILLER) $345 per pair:

All Standard and Wide Suspension Seats Shipping $44.50 per seat ($89 per pair)

All Adapters, Sliders and Mounting kits ship for free when purchased with seats.

Pick up in Costa Mesa: $10 per seat (All shipping orders ship from a distribution center. Customer pickups at the distribution center are not allowed, so I have to pay to have seats delivered to me for customer pickup. One week's advanced notice is required for customer pickup.

I've come across a limited supply of RaceTrim Suspension Seats. Once these are gone, they're gone.

Suggested Retail is $548 - $648 Per Pair (yes I know they can be found for less on the web) These are being sold as sets of two.

Hi-Backs have an adjustable Lumbar Support

All have harness slots, including crotch slots

Pics, details, information and to buy LINK

All prices below are two of each, seat and/or support adapters and brackets

Prices are:


- $345 Hi-Back Black Leather Look with Carbon Fiber Accents (Two Seats)

- $285 per pair Hi-Back Black (Two Seats)

- $285 per pair Hi-Back Grey (Two Seats)

- SOLD OUT Lo-Back Black (Two Seats)

- SOLD OUT Lo-Back Grey (Two Seats)

- SOLD OUT Head Rest Black (Two Seats)

- SOLD OUT Head Rest Grey (Two Seats)

- $290 - $310 Wide Seats, (Two Seats) (Front Material/Back Material) Tweed Fabric/Black Vinyl, Black Fabric/Black Vinyl, Black Vinyl/Black Vinyl, Grey Fabric/Grey Vinyl, Tan Fabric/Tan Vinyl. These ARE NOT a direct Jeep bolt in seat. The seat mount tabs are wider at 16".

Seat mount kits, adapters and brackets:

Driver Side Seat Adapter for; 97-02 Jeep Wrangler TJ and $84-02 XJ

Passenger Side Seat Adapter for; 97 - 02 Jeep Wrangler TJ and 84 - 02 XJ

Driver Side Seat Adapter for 03-up TJ

Passenger Side Seat Adapter for 03-up TJ

Seat Adapter Kit for Driver or Passenger '84-'96 Cherokee

Universal Adapters and Sliders are also available. LINK TO DETAILS.

All adapters and sliders ship for free, when ordered with seats.

Sales tax if in California

Please Email all questions and requests. [email protected]

Article in Dirtsports Mag

Pictures of each style and color:

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Looking for 4 low back with headrest black in color shipped to 56601 buisness address.
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