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Trying to design a 4-link for my Toyota-Axle swapped 1981 Suzuki LJ80 on 38" tires.

Anyone have any advice/opinions on this setup? First one is my revised setup, second one is my original setup.

First image is the Revised/new setup has anti-squat at 100%, upper links are roughly 70% of lower links, it has 0 Degree Roll axis, and 73% Roll center, which based on my research and the fact that the LJ will be 90% on-road use and 10% offroad, works good. Problem is the upper links in the revised setup are now facing downwards slighltly in order for me to get my proper anti squat values. The instant center has also pulled back behind the rear axle, which I have read is not ideal.

Second image is the Original/demo setup had flat upper links and an instant center past the front axle, but my anti-squat was hovering around 70%, which is a little low for my liking on a mainly street-vehice with 250-300hp.

Anyone have any opinions/suggestions on a setup/how I have done it here? im new to this and am open to ideas. Ive watched a bunch of videos and done lots of reading, I just want to hear opinions before I start actually laying this out on the vehicle. These LJ80s had SUPER narrow frame rails (19" in between the rails), so the setups revolve around that.

Is there a certain amount of triangulation I should be going for? Does the calculator display angles/degrees of the link triangulation?

I couldnt find anywhere that tells me how LONG the physical links are based on the numbers I inputted for frame and axle ends. Is that even a option?

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