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All of this stuff is in Seaside, OR. I's rather not ship anything.

First is a 1986 1.3L Suzuki Samurai engine, still in my Samurai. I'm putting in a diesel engine, so I'm selling the 1.3. I'm going to leave the engine in the Samurai so that it can be test driven before you buy it; I'll pull it within 7 days of purchase. It had about 60k miles on it when it was pulled from the donor vehicle. I turned the crank down and installed new bearings in it about 6 months ago and have been using it in my Samurai since then (less than 5k miles...I didn't write the mileage down). Still has the standard bore. It starts and runs great, much more power than my original 1.3L had when I pulled it. It does use some oil in between changes, but no leaks. Here's what it comes with:

-Weber carb and adapter to mate to the stock airbox
-GM alternator bracket
-Roadless gear 272 power cam (6 months old)
-intake manifold ported to match weber adapter plate
-Doug Thorley header
-head milled down .020 for increased compression
-2 row crank pulley
-fast idle switch
-new oil pump (6 months old)
-new timing belt (6 months old)

here's what is not included:
-power steering pump or brackets
-flywheel and clutch
-motor mounts

$500 firm

I also have another Samurai 1.3L long block; it has about 130k miles on it. It's a little tired, but ran great when I pulled it. No carb, flywheel, or alternator, but otherwise complete. I bought it with about 80k on it and was told that it was standard bore and crank size (I've never had this engine apart, so I can't confirm that). I changed the oil every 2k miles when I owned it.

I have a 1.3L block only; never been bored, but would probably need it. It has all of the main and rod bearing caps, rods and pistons, and the oil pump. No crankshaft. It's been sitting in my garage for almost 15 years; needs to be cleaned but I sprayed the cylinders and covered the block with oil before I stored it (all of the pistons still move easily...and block is a good core).

Also have a 1.3L head (goes with the above block). No camshaft, rocker arms, or rocker arm shafts. Valves and springs are still installed. The head has never been planed and head gasket was intact when I pulled it. Needs cleaning, but is in good shape. I do have 2 stock cams that I'll send with the head; they're good for regrinds.

Please email me if you have any questions at [email protected]; I can take and send pictures of anything if you're interested.
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