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SWAG 40" Finger Brake With Custom I Beam Stand

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We have been selling our 40" finger brake for a few years and we frequently get asked, what hydraulic press do you use with the 40" press brakes?

Materials list:
*15 feet of 4"x6"x.25" I beam = $110 delivered
*(2) Harbor Freight Air/Hydo 20 ton rams = $40.00 ea for manual or $100 ea for air/hydro with coupon.
*SWAG 40" brake = $299.95 for standard brake or $599.95 for finger brake.
*1 day to cut/weld and create a few gussets.

You will need to cut the I beam down to the following sizes (2) @ 52.5" and (2) @ 22" long. Then cut the excess in half to form the bottom feet which end up being ~16" long.

At the end of the day you have the ability to bend 30" long piece of .25" thick steel all day long or a full width piece which is 37" long of 3/16" steel.

The total investment in the kit $110 + $300 + $480 + your time = :smokin:

Once I hook up the air hoses together I will then mount the feet on some wheel so I can roll this around the shop as needed. The total weight of this assembly is 366 lbs. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks Troy

40 Inch Universal Finger Press Brake DIY Builder Kit

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Any problem keeping rams synced/bends even across the whole width?
A video of this in action would be killer....
The only bends we have done thus far are manual which requires :mr-t: muscles.

It was easier than I thought it would be keeping them in in sequence. You do notice that towards the end of the 90 degree bend it got difficult. One of the guys in the shop could not go past ~70 degrees as he weights in at 160 lbs and that was not enough weight to operate both jacks at the same time. I weight in at 210lbs and it was all I had to operate both jacks in sequence.

An easier option would be to use longer handles or hook them up to the air compressor.

I will hook them up to air and create a demo video then report back.

Is it just me or is the top I beam bowed ?
Optical illusion. I also thought it was bent when looking at the picture, however when you hold a straight edge on top it is level, going off the picture the bottom beam looks bent too.

What about going to one 50ton jack from tractor supply instead of 2 20tons? Wouldn't have the luxury of air/hyg tho
That will work, you will need to reinforce the top die assembly with a piece of I-beam or square 2"x2" to help distribute the load of you plan on using a single bottle jack.

did you get the air lines hooked together and how did that end up working
i have had the kit sitting on my work bench for a year or so and just haven't put it together.was gonna cut it down to work on my 29" press but
now I'm thinking i'll build a full with 40" press instead.

Awesome stuff Troy as Usual
We have tied the two air hoses together with great results.

Morgan of ATHFABRICATION sent us in a few pictures of his custom frame designed to fit the SWAG 40" press brake. Shown below is a 36" long piece of 1/4" plate.


Product Machine

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I been eyeballing that new 48" brake set up. I have a 20' beam. how big does the opening need to be in the frame?
I would make the inside opening 24" tall, assuming you are using the 20 on air/hydro ram jacks.



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