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Swapping superduty front 8x170mm rotors to aftermarket 8x165

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I will be converting my 99 super duty dana 60 front to an 8x165 lug pattern with a custom-built hub. What I am trying to find out is what brake rotors can i use that will match the dimensions of the stock ones but will keep the new bolt pattern.

As far as my research goes, the stock rotor dimensions are:

38mm Rotor Thickness
99.5mm total width

The aftermarket one that I am looking at has the dimensions of:
35.5mm Rotor Thickness
101.9 total width.

Will this aftermarket one fit and clear the hubs, calipers etc. so I can use it with my custom front hubs?

I am unsure how the small differences in thickness will affect fitment and such.

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Branik Motorsports sells the dual drilled rotors ready to go for about $140 each. Or you can get a Motobilt drill guide template and a 39/64" drill bit for about $50 on ebay and drill the stock rotors yourself. When I get around to doing mine i'm drilling the hub assemblies out as well to save some cash
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