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SOLD - SWEET 04 Dodge RAM HEMI Auto SLT w/warr

SOLD - 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 2wd Auto HEMI
Part of it does belong to the bank so I don't have a title in hand but it is not an issue. I work for a bank and we have a notary here that can do all the paperwork. Fly into Austin and I can pick you up from the airport and drive straight to the bank ... or stay for a few days of fun :beer:

I take very good care of it as far as fluid changes. The paint shines up nicely and there are no problems as it's just got 41K on it. I've had it since it had 12k on it. I have a warranty that is transferable till 12/08 or 70K. The only towing I have done was to pull a small Uhaul trailer when we moved (600 miles). I average 16/17 with mixed driving but your mileage will vary depending on how much you get into the throttle.

The extras:
Windows are tinted
Vent Visors
17s for better towing (8900 lbs with the hitch)
Comes with a Cobra 75 CB and antenna
Kill switch & keyless entry
2" leveling kit
Flowmasters (it sounds freaking awesome)
Sliding rear window
Nerf steps
Bed Liner
Tow package
3.92 gears and the posi rear end
BFG At's in very good shape
Driving lights in the grill
It's an SLT so it has all the usual features like AC, power everything, etc.

I planned on towing the Jeep with it but I gotta tell you, the Jeep has reached a point where it doesn't need towing. :D

KBB lists it at 14.5 (even without some of the options) but I'd take $12,500.

This really is a sweet truck and will make a great tow rig for someone.

A few pics after a wash:

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