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My buddy and myself both bought rzr s's in december and have had nothing but problems with them. Both rzr s's broke the front axle sprague carrier immediately and were forced to upgrade on my dime or continue to constantly break their inferior plastic cage. Had my computer replaced and the speedo cluster replaced along with the battery. The other is constantly dropping the drivers side rear axle shaft out from the diff. Dealer can't fix it. 3 rides on each of them. I should have known better as I have had many problems with polaris in the past but never with honda, yamaha and suzuki. :shaking: Going to have to shell out $1300.00 for the 5 year extended warranty.
Sound like ur dealer sucks is the issue... there is a fix for everything but the front sprague... That's somewhat a driver issue. You have ur foot on gas in the air that clutch system really builds up speed. I tap mine a couple times but NEVER stay on it. The axle falling out is an updated part that Polaris came out with.... Polaris dealers really suck IMO... there is a great RZR forum that has answers to all your problems you just stated.

I have close to 2000 miles on mine and only issues have been CV's with was due to a cheap ass lift kit. Took that off and put HD CV's and all good now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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