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Ok so orginally I had a Rubicon Express hack and tap SYE which worked fine for years until the CV blew up into pieces due to some clutch dropping fun. In a hurry to get it back togther a bastard flange was welded togther to be able to use a toyota CV joint but the balance was off and vibrations killed that CV quick. Since my jeep is strechted 7 inches with only 4 inches of lift in the rear we thought maybe switching in a stock output shaft and going to a lengthed stock driveshaft would work ,but the angle is still to bad for road use. If this was a offroad only jeep it would be fine but I have to drive to the trails. So I ran across this shaft from drive shaft superstore http://www.driveshaftsuperstore.com/blazer_rear_drive_shaft.htm . But no one else seems to make anything like it for jeeps they just sell SYE kits so whats the reason?
I don't mind some vibrations as long as I can do 50mph down the road without my teeth falling out and nothing blowing up and I want to keep the lengthed stock ones I have for spares and offroad shafts.

I hear bad things and driveshaftsuperstore.com and would prefer to get it from some where else but don't see any one else making them.
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