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chevy_impala57 said:
Ok today was my jeeps maiden voyage. With its new drive line a EFI302 t-18 205. It was working awsome I drove it to work. Drove it home then decide to take it out to go play. When done playing i was driving home got on to some decently clear rode(its winter here) and I thought "lets see what this baby can do", And then thats when it happen I was making the 3-4 shift and instead i made the 3rd 70kmh To reverse Shift. ANd now i cant get it out of reverse gate. ANd theres no reverse.

Any ideas if i completly F*cked it up. Or is there a shere pin or somthing.

i think you ave sucsessfuly f*cked your tranny :flipoff2:

take te cover (just a few bolts) off and do a visual inspect , sounds like you have some gears broke or melted
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