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Chad, thats Jay K's article I believe, I actually performed this mod following his directions in that tech article. I wanted my V6 to work with the factory Toyota 4cyl tach. It works great, I have the little 20 turn potentiometer taped to the steering column wiring harness for easy adjustment. It's great, lets me use the factory tach and get rid of an ugly jobber tach zap strapped to the steering column.

Also, I originally had a jobber temp guage double-sided-taped to the side of the dash. I ended up throwing away the GM temp sender and buying a toyota temp sensor, tapping a pipe thread into one of the brass plugs in the intake manifold (Weiand) so the factory coolant guage could work. Did the same with oil pressure sender. All guages work, no jobber guages.

I've been following Jay (and Jack Alford's) tech article for years. The difference is Jay will actually answer questions by email. Here's Jay K's link, excellent source of info:

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