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I hope you Toyota guys can give me some help. Ive done the search and cant find any info on the 3.4 24v toyota engine. I knonw the hp is 190 and tourq is 220 ftlbs. but I cant find out how much the motor weighs, along with any other good info. I have found a wrecked 96 tacoma pick up with a good engine. I see vortec's, northstar's, shortstar's, LT1's, Ls1's and a few others in comp rigs, but i want to do something different.
My 1.6 tracker engine has 98 hp but doesnt have the snap I need for that little burst to launch over an obstical. I'll be running ford 9 inch axels along with 39.5's and my projected weight of the new buggy will be between 2200 and 2500 lbs depending on engine weight.
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