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assuming an evenly distributed load,you want the axle centerline to be roughly 3/4 of the way back on the deck,giving 20-25% on the pin. with a constant,and not evently distributed load(like youre building) you can slide them forward or back to get optimal pin weight.

best way would be to weigh or somehow calculate the weight of the empty finished product,and set the axles for that,assuming the flat deck has enuff room to move the rig forward and back to find the best spot for it to ride.

like mr texasdick,im not quite that scientific ;) im building a toyhauler from a 22.5' fiver travel trailer frame and an old slide in truck camper. i dont ever intend to remove the slide in,its all being built permantly,and its whole function will be to carry my junk to the trails. my axles centerline were at 13.5 feet from the front,wich was way too far forward. i put the front spring eye in the middle hanger,the equalizer in the rear spring hanger,and fabbed a new rear hanger. not quite 3/4 placement,but much further back and close enuff i can pull the trail rig forward if theres not enuff on the pin. and it was much easier than cutting all 3 hangers off and moving/remaking them ;)

id prolly shoot for somewhere around the 3/4 placement.

when looking for frames to use,i found a complete camper,and i thot about doing what youre doing,but decided i didnt have the energy. its going to be alot quicker to mount the camper on my empty frame and build the flat deck. tearing down campers is alot of work,and id imagine if youre tearing it down to reuse parts,its going to be even more work ;)

be sure to put up pics of your progress.
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