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"Take 92" - YJ Linked with Nines

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"Take 92" - YJ Link kit from Motobilt with Nines

For reference here is last build that had way to many changes in it so that is why I am starting a new thread.

So here is the Story..

After I wrecked my XJ racing it I decided I wanted an open top Jeep that my family of 4 could ride in and we could all enjoy it but then I also could go out with the guys on some hard trails and be able to keep up.

So After selling a bunch of parts I found a nice YJ

It is a 92 YJ with a XJ 4.0 and TJ NV3550.
My Plan is to rip out the dana 30 and 8.8 and replace them with 9's add a dana 300 and 4 link with sway a way air shocks.

pics of Jeep as I got it

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Nice setup for the four link can't wait to see it coming together.
Deffinatly looks like a lot of opposing forces going on in that front end. Seriously why not plan it better and either three link or four link it unsteady of some crazy cobbled up combination of both.
1 - 2 of 239 Posts
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