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"Take 92" - YJ Linked with Nines

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"Take 92" - YJ Link kit from Motobilt with Nines

For reference here is last build that had way to many changes in it so that is why I am starting a new thread.

So here is the Story..

After I wrecked my XJ racing it I decided I wanted an open top Jeep that my family of 4 could ride in and we could all enjoy it but then I also could go out with the guys on some hard trails and be able to keep up.

So After selling a bunch of parts I found a nice YJ

It is a 92 YJ with a XJ 4.0 and TJ NV3550.
My Plan is to rip out the dana 30 and 8.8 and replace them with 9's add a dana 300 and 4 link with sway a way air shocks.

pics of Jeep as I got it

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Why is the jeep Black in the first post but Red in all the pictures of it on the lift?:confused::D
Why lean the shocks back so far in the front. Looks like there is plenty of room to have them closer to straight.
The YJ flare looks fine but I always thought that Tj flares were a little bigger or once the mounting area was trimmed were bigger. Been too long to remember the exact details.
1 - 3 of 239 Posts
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