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I need you help. I was using my buddies taper bit on my pitman arm and broke it this weekend. I need to replace it quick. I seem to always break his crap. It is a 7/8 taper bit. Anybody have a place i can order two of them. One for him and one for me so i dont break his again. haha Thanks

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The Ebay reamer above seems like the best deal.

Here are some other options that I found when looking for mine. The Snap-on unit is NOT a reamer- it is intended to be used by hand to clean up existing tapers. It WILL work but how well and for how long is the question. I was gonna use the $75 economy model fron BC Bronco untill I saw this thread. All the prices/ info are good as of last June.

TRE taper Reamer info.:

1.5" inch per 1 foot= 7.125 degrees=7 degrees 10minutes

FYI, here are some other specs I collected from the 'net:
· Big taper = .667-.776 (3/4 and one ton stuff with 7/8 -18, and ES375[

'67-'72 1/2ton & 3/4ton GMC] with 3/4-16 and dog-leg))
· Medium Taper = .636-.714 (moog ES150 with 3/4-16) FORD TRUCK F100/F250
61-65GMC TRUCK K1500/K2500 63-66
· Small taper (stock jeep XJ) = .531-.675

(there are quality differences, so shop appropriately)
BC Bronco $75/115
Afco # 80770 $120
Stock Car Products #R8201 $105
Goodson #TR-216-2 $80: http://www.goodson.com/store/templa...IID=4488&SID=5e498f813083aaa8c49cb1ea35162f15
Snap On # R121 $46.70

I could only find these suppliers online of such a reamer, obviously the Snap On model doesn't work well. This is where I found the info and has links to the mfg...



Afco Racing:

PRODUCT: 80770
Taper Reamer - 1 1/2in./ft. (most Tie Rods & 20031, 4, 5, 6)
Manufactured from M2 High Speed Tool Steel
that is heat treated to 62 - 64 Rockwell.
Six flute LH spiral design allows smooth boring operation and minimizes tool wear.
Less likly to score the finish than RH or straight flute reamers.
Two designs to cover most popular racing applications.
Part: 80770 Price: $119.50 Quantity

Stock Car Products:
Tapered Reamers

Manufactured From Superior Quality High Speed Tool Steel
Six Flute Spiral Design
Allows Smooth Boring Operation - Minimizes Tool Wear
The Same High Production Units Used In Our Plant

Part No. Description Price Click
To Buy
R8201 1 1/2" Taper Per Foot. Fits most tie rods and shock mounts (K6024, K772, K719, K727) $105.00

BC Bronco seems like the best option:


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Buy Now Price Product Name+ Manufacturer Model
$75.00 Economy Reamer 97-20000
$115.00 Pro Reamer 97-10000

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Kelvin carries them at PSC. They're ~$65 for the good ones. (Xkut - Works in drill press or mill.)

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I got mine from poly....

I order all my shit from them because I get it in two days with standard shipping!
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