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Here`s the problem , i want to swap a 98 CMPI Vortec in my 88 Toy, i`m runnning a TBI vortec with Howell wiring and ECM, talking to them they explain me that the 98 Vortec wiring and ECM is useless and i have to use a 96-97 ECM and bring to Chile a new wiring harness.
I have the full truck in my garage with all the staff,

is really the truth that the 98 have a locked down in the ECM when you unplugged it,
is useless the old wiring even if you have all the staff

Thanks for the advice, expeirnece or whatever,

Please don`t jump with the fu..... search, there`s a hold world of that crap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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