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So today I took my 1988 V20 Suburban for its first drive since the motor swap. It orginally had a 350, but when that blew i put in a 400 sb (I know probablly runs a little lean but i plan on getting the after market tbi unit soon enough, plus the motor was free). It runs pretty darn good, i did get rid of the air pump thing that connects to manifolds and replaced with different manifolds. I have yet to hook up the 02 sensor but will probably do that soon. Now when driving it it did something a little wierd that my last motor never did. It feels like its not quite getting enough fuel, but still cruisng at 50-55 then it feels like it gets alot more fuel and it quickly speeds up to 60-65 (without pushing any harder on the gas pedal). My first thought is either A. Its got some older fuel in it, but i did put some 93 in to help it out (maybe the two are seperate in the tank and when the 93 makes its way to the motor it runs much better) or B. Junk fuel filter. Only problem for me to replace the fuel filter i will probably have to replace the rusty fuel line, and am not ready to do so yet becasue they have yet to leak. Any Info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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