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Tech and Registration Rules: 1st event

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With teams breaking so many rules and in the past W.E.ROCK not being able to execute the proper way to enforce the rules; I am looking for a way to do tech properly. With a proper tech must come rules for tech. The rules listed below woul be for a team's first tech of the season. This would not apply to every team for every event...

The Proposal:


Tech and Registration Rules:

Tech and Reg. will begin on the friday before the event at 11 am and ends at 8 pm on the 1st event of the season. Registration will start at 3 pm.

Late Vehicle Tech will start the Saturday morning of the event at 7 am and ends at 8:30 am, teams must be registered no later than 8 pm on the Friday night before the event.

All vehicles must attend 1st Tech and Registration of the 2008 season.
The Team’s 1st Tech will consist of a full and complete vehicle tech for safety and class rules.

Any teams found with Illegal vehicle standards must be completely legal by the team’s 2nd event of their season. If they are found to not be legal by their second event, by Class Infractions (Non-Safety), the team will move up in class until legal. Safety Infractions will not be permitted at the team’s 2nd event and the team will not be able to compete.

Modified Stock and Pro Modified Vehicles must appear before 6 pm. Any vehicles from these classes that do not show up during this time will receive a $20 late fee.

Teams that compete at their 1st event of the season and do not show up on the day of tech must attend late tech.

A Saturday Morning Late Tech fee of $40 will be charged to teams unable to attend regular tech.

Teams may not complete registration until their tech sheet as been received by W.E.ROCK Officials. Tech Officials will provide a copy of the infracted rules so that teams are aware of their status.
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This sounds good and the fee is reasonable. EROCC had a $100.00 late fee and I paid it twice so I know. Stick to your guns on this!
Sounds fair to me.
I would be ok with raising the amount to pay. If we make it too low, would people abuse it and think $20 is not much to pay? If we made it let's say $100, they might think twice to be late. Just an idea.
I am game for increasing the fee, but remember, when I get the flack for it, you guys better come to my rescue, lol
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