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Tellico Tea Party


Well it seems we had some feed back on the original date of May 23rd. We've decide to move our rally to June 20-21st because of Memorial Day weekend. We are in the process of planning a weekend filled with events. A rock crawl competition, truck show and shine, camping, and more. Most importantly the Tellico Tea Party Rally. We are planning to flood the streets with a rally drive from the town of Murphy through trail 1 in Tellico Ohv, handing out flyers and "PEACEFULLY PROTESTING". We want to show the media and town officials what Tellico means to us and the lost revenue this has caused. This is going to be a big chance to make a stand. Please spread the word and try your hardest to come. We ask for everyone who has ever rode these trails to be here and help fight. I also encourage that all troubled trail systems take part in this all over the country on the same day. We will work on meda coverage and spreading the word to all local and national news stations. Please join in and be here. Keep posted for more info and please post if you can help...
June 20-21st --- Tellico Tea Party---
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